The Yulex Pure proprietary purifying process greatly refines natural rubber materials

  • Higher performing, bright white and odorless elastomer offered as an emulsion and a solid

  • Natural safer alternative commercial hevea, with over 99% of the harmful impurities, including proteins, removed

  • Ultra-pure emulsion and solid significantly improves physical performance characteristics to deliver a stronger, more elastic material

  • Euphoam’s Yulex proprietary refining process lowers total protein levels to protect against the sensitizing effects associated with use of traditional raw, commercial hevea rubber

Although there is a significant amount of dirt and biological contaminants in the sap of the rubber tree, the industry has not taken all the steps to eliminate these contaminants at the source. The Yulex Pure process removes over 99% of natural rubber’s harmful impurities, including proteins and increases its performance characteristics and physical properties (green strength, tensile, elongation, modulus, etc).

Our research and development for optimizing guayule natural rubber led Yulex to develop this process for the refinement of other natural rubber materials. Yulex achieves these purified materials by means of refinement rather than by addition of chemicals or heavy metals and Euphoam only utilizes Yulex materials for its portfolio of foam products.


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