Euphoam products are plant-based and sustainably produced from renewable rubber tree forests

Natural rubber comes from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Unlike synthetic rubber, which is a petroleum product, natural rubber is a renewable resource and comes from plantations primarily in South and Southeast Asia as well as Central America. As international demand for natural rubber increases, millions of rubber trees are being planted across the tropics; unfortunately, many national forests are clear cut for the new trees.

Euphoam is committed to provide only deforestation free, environmental and socially responsible natural rubber to our customers. We want support farmers and producers to only operate under legal and responsible management practices.

Though only 4% of global rubber plantation area is currently FSC certified, the FSC Principles and Criteria for forest management have the potential to affect a positive environmental and social transformation of the natural rubber sector. Euphoam and its customers are demonstrating to farmers and producers that there is a strong market for their sustainably produced natural rubber.


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