Patagonia’s new natural-rubber wetsuit is the warmest I’ve ever worn, and softer and more flexible than ever

Looking into both environmental and social responsibility, Patagonia, as it stands now, is the only wetsuit manufacturer that is Fair Trade Certified and neoprene-free.

July 12, 2019

The Yulex line is predominantly (85%) made from natural rubber that’s tapped from hevea trees, which can produce for about thirty years, at the end of which they’re mostly felled and made into furniture.

The 49-degree Fahrenheit water felt so balmy in the Patagonia Yulex wetsuit that I left the zipper (front, chest) unzipped while I was in the surf for over two hours

Patagonia’s newest line of Yulex suits, I might add, is also exceptionally well-sealed, and, as a result, toasty as can be, which is exactly what you want in a full suit when you’re heading into 49-degree-Fahrenheit surf like I did this past weekend.

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