Kiwi woman is making the world’s first luxury plant-based swimsuits

Combining oceanwear and activism, Kiwi entrepreneur Janaya Wilkins is well on her way to producing the world’s first range of luxury, plant-based swimsuits.

Nicole Lawton, Stuff

July 3, 2019

The sleek black bikinis and one-pieces will look and feel like they are made from wetsuit material, but instead of using neoprene, they’ll be made from a new, environmentally conscious fabric called “Yulex”.

The 49-degree Fahrenheit water felt so balmy in the Patagonia Yulex wetsuit that I left the zipper (front, chest) unzipped while I was in the surf for over two hours

“When looking to buy something, ask the question: ‘where does this come from? And where will it go at the end of my time using it?’ I believe that it’s our responsibility as consumers to ask those questions.”

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